About Us

Welcome to Sendi Apparel Lifestyle Store.  

My journey into fashion started many years ago, from my childhood having a penchant to dress stylishly following the latest trends to now manufacturing Ladies-wear at Sendi Apparel Production Centre; run by a team of hard-working, talented women who strive for perfection!!! "So Proud of You Ladies".  Thank you for helping me grow!!! A special! special! thank you to my husband and family for the support, love and care, without you it would not have been possible.

Sendi Apparel Lifestyle Store also retails Ayurvedic Yoga Mats.  My journey with yoga began 11 years ago.  It has culminated in sourcing Ayurvedic Yoga Mats from India, a remarkable alternative to rubber/synthetic yoga mats - a yoga mat I use daily.

Sendi Apparel garments are manufactured in South African by South Africans.  We strive to produce quality garments always striving for perfection.  We are a 100% female owned company with staff having collective experience of 100+ years.  

Please browse our products/garments.  Make that purchase, in so doing you will be supporting "Buy Local" and uplifting the lives of South Africans by creating employment in a country ravaged by unemployment.

Happy shopping!!!

Sumaya Dawood


Sendi Apparel